Shiseido white lucent brightening

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shiseido white lucent brightening

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shiseido white lucent brightening

after using all the White lucent line together with the serum. This serum i use in conjunction with a glycolic cleanser, shiseido softener and then the serum and if I feel dry in the winter a light moisturizer since i'm normally combo. Shiseido White lucent visibly fades dark spots, leaving behind bright, luminous skin. Inspired by the latest cosmetic advancements, Shiseido brings brightening solutions directly from Asia. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by kali perfumes. Shiseido White lucent Brightening Cleansing foam for Unisex,.7.69.

Shiseido White lucent Brightening Cleansing foam for

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White lucent estee 's superior mulit-action brightening skincare technology targets visible dark spots for a glowing, bright, luminous complexion. A brightening serum that combines Shiseido 's advanced brightening. One full size shiseido White lucent Concentrated Brightening Serum. Specially developed with Shiseido-original Multi-target Vitamin c and Super Spot deacti-complex. ShiseidoWhite lucent Power Brightening Mask. Size 6.91 oz sheets/ 6 x 26 mL Sheetsitem beste 1507565. Founded in 1872, Shiseido is one of the oldest beauty companies in the world. White lucent pushes brightening forward, to bring out your skins glowing, luminous best now, and into the future. Shiseido white lucent is an innovative and renewed whitening skin treatment. Shiseido benefiance eye treatment Mask. Shiseido sun Protection eye cream spf.

Erica had this advice to share: Select a moisturiser based on the skin condition of the cheeks, not the t-zone. She was a real sweetheart Cheerful the entire time, she was happy to dispense skincare facts and tips. I really enjoyed talking to her. Shes beautiful in person and the perfect spokeswoman for the White lucent range (look at her glowing visage!). Possessing a wealth of dermatological knowledge, the trainers not only fielded questions with ease, they also did it with passion. I was quite impressed by their willingness to share their knowledge and their enthusiasm in doing. Thank you shiseido singapore, for the relaxing and informative session! Image sources: Shiseido usa and Shiseido singapore.

We were warned not to use a moisturiser for this purpose some moisturisers are meant to be absorbed and not slip-sliding across the face, so this might have a detrimental effect on the skin. Another interesting fact I learnt was that toner is applied after moisturiser in the Shiseido skincare system. According to Angela, softening lotion opens the door for moisturiser penetration and toner shuts the door pores tighten; trapping the moisturiser. For oily skins, she recommended saturating cotton pads with the White lucent Brightening Toning Lotion and applying them on the t-zone to control sebum secretion. These pads also act like mini toning masks. Erica, the other Shiseido skincare trainer who was at the workshop, was wearing the White lucent Brightening Powder foundation spf25. The colour match was perfect and it  gave her face an absolutely flawless appearance! According to the Shiseido singapore website, it contains Luminizing veil Powder to camouflage imperfections, pores, and shadows with a soft natural-looking finish. After the presentation and product play, everyone at the workshop was given a skin analysis. We had our skin tested with a portable machine that presented a magnified view of the skins surface on a screen (the horror!) to find out our skin type. From the results, we could determine how to manage our skin using the right products.

Shiseido white, lucent "

Two pumps is the recommended amount. This should be done both day and night. As the light fluid is easily absorbed, a minute is all you need before applying other products on the skin. The brand advises customers not to stint on the product or apply too much of it, in order for it to work. Step 4: White lucent moisturiser (. Brightening moisturizing Emulsion/Cream/Gel or Brightening Protective emulsion/Cream spf 15 pa ) Dispense a suitable amount of the chosen moisturiser and massage it into the skin in an upward, circular motion. The creams are richer and more suited for night use. Their goodness is apparently best harnessed between 10 pm to 2 am, the period of golden slumber. there are other products in the range that fit into this halen regime. I was particularly intrigued by the White lucent Brightening Massage Cream, a lubricating cream that promotes facial blood circulation. Recommended to be used after the serum and removed before moisturising, the emollience of this specialised cream allows massage actions to take place on delicate facial skin. shiseido white lucent brightening

The foaming action, together with the formula, will not only clean the face of impurities, it will also remove dead skin cells, leaving the face fairer. Ive tried this and really like how my skin and neck look clearer and more even toned, post-wash. Step 2: White lucent Brightening Balancing Softener (S79 saturate a cotton remedies pad with the softener. Wipe the the entire face with the cotton pad. A softening lotion is a must-do/must-have in the Shiseido skincare regiment. The softener apparently restores the skins pH level as the cleansing foam leaves the skin more alkaline post-wash (alkalinity makes the skin more vulnerable and exposed to stimuli). The softening lotion also helps essence and the like to better penetrate the skin. Although it is not a toner, the lotion also helps to remove dead skin cells as the softener has exfoliating properties as well. People whove used this have mentioned how the lotion helps the cotton pad to pick up facial debris! Step 3: White lucent Intensive spot Targeting Serum (S159 pump the bottle twice and pat the serum all over the face.

Shiseido, white, lucent, microTargeting Spot Corrector

Interestingly, white lucent targets pigmentation at three stages of melanin production and it is this multi-level approach that distinguishes Shiseido White lucent from other whitening ranges. According to the brand, swl:. Inhibits melanocyte activity to prevent future unwanted pigmentation with m-Tranexamic Acid. Attacks underlying pigmentation by purging trapped melanocytes with 4msk (potassium methoxy salicylate). Lightens what is present (freckles and scars, for instance) with Multi-target Vitamin C (Vitamin c ethyl). Other whitening ingredients include arbutin and progressive-release vitamin C (ascorbic acid 2-glucoside) and Yomogi extract. The last ingredient apparently boosts skins metabolism, suppresses melanin build-up, and promotes used skins ability to shed hyperpigmented cells. The ideal way to use the basic White lucent range is as follows: Step 1: White lucent Brightening Cleansing foam (S57 squeeze out 1 cm of the foam. Add some water and gently lather. Once the cleanser is suitably foamy (much like whipped cream apply it onto the face. Gently clean the face in circular motions with your middle and ring fingers.

shiseido white lucent brightening

Several of my friends use and laud White lucent, so i was curious about. I was able to sate my curiosity, thanks to an invitation from. Shiseido singapore to attend a white lucent workshop. There, i learnt many facts relating to the line and reaffirmed what praxis i know about skincare. Bi haku, angela, one of the Shiseido skincare trainers, first introduced the japanese term for whitening: bihaku, which also means (měi bái) in Chinese. Although the phrase combines the words beauty and whiteness, its not all about fairness. After all, darker skin tones can be clear and radiant too. As such, White lucents emphasis is on achieving clarity eten of the skin. She went on to state that melanin is our skins natural sunscreen, a form of protection against uv rays. However, its overproduction can lead to blemishes and uneven skin tone. As such, whitening products aim to inhibit melanin production.

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Launched in Singapore at the start of 2010, the. Shiseido White lucent range promises to brighten the complexion and reduce hyper-pigmentation. The White lucent Intensive spot Targeting Serum was an instant hit locally and incredibly, sold out within January. Subsequent shipments of the serum similarly flew off the shelves. No mean feat, considering the product costs almost S160! Starting out as a pharmacy in 1872, aqua Shiseido developed. Eudermine, its first skincare product, in 1897. Its name a derivation where of the Greek words for good and skin ( eu : good; derma : skin eudermine was reformulated and re-introduced a century (!) later in 1997. Since the creation of Eudermine, shiseido has worked to help women achieve clear skin and is a recognised whitening expert in the beauty industry. With a history that spans almost 140 years and a strong tradition of intensive skincare research, Shiseido created White lucent in response to the needs of contemporary women, for whom whitening continues to be a skincare concern, next to anti-aging. A whitening line that focuses on imparting clarity and luminosity to the visage, white lucent as its name suggests also aims to give skin translucence. Containing efficacious ingredients, the products are classified as quasi-drugs (products with medicinal content a category between medicine and cosmetics.

Shiseido white lucent brightening
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How to use, to Use: take care when removing the masks to avoid essence from dripping. Carefully unfold the masks as they will not return to their original shape once stretched. Hold the sides (above the slits) of the eye cutouts and position the mask over the eyes and nose. Press gently to secure the upper half of the mask. Hold both sides of the bottom half of the mask (below the slits) and adjust the fit along the jaw line, gently pulling upward toward the temples.

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A brilliant solution for radiant skin while diminishing the appearance of dark spots. Skin is bright, refreshed and moisturized. Soothes damaged skin with moisture, mask fits around facial contours, sealing in the mask essence for an optimal brightening effect.

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White lucent, powerful brightening mask to target spots and discoloration. ml, item., free shipping with your 25 purchase and free samples with every order. Description, a powerful brightening face mask inspired by iontophoresis, a beauty treatment that saturates skin with a generous amount of beneficial ingredients to target spots and discoloration.

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