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The head and hands get away with it thanks to their flames but a little touch in those places wouldve better communicated the idea. His abilities arent just re-coloured they also receive new designs with ghastly white streaks and eerie sounds that communicate the theme quite well. Conflagration does seem merely re-coloured and the same can be said about his passive, blaze. Conversely, sear is styled like a claw and both Pillar of Flame and Pyroclasm have the shape of a spirit, the former also surrounded by additional spirits; whom arent that easy to notice in their movement but that provide the abilities with a different feel. The recall reinforces the concept of wielding a dangerous power that veiledly runs through the skin. Three spirits are summoned that immediately turn on the shaman and the message is clear: the price has to be paid. All in all, Spirit Fire Brand is a fine skin that feels like a re-colour at avis times. It asks for a closer, more attentive look to really distinguish all it offers and doesnt disappoint at that. It also doesnt impress as much as it could as the flames still feel as such and dont fully transform into evil spirits that consume the shamans victims. Theres room to develop the concept further and, at this price, it is expected. Fans of Brand will find a skin that finally dares to modify his flames from the stationary versions that even the legendary zombie has been made to adopt. Admittedly, the changes arent as revolutionary as they could be but, along his tribal clothing and ceremonial mask, manage to define the identity of a shaman consumed by the spirits he draws power from.

de brand skins

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The flames suitably feel unnatural, not quite right and the same goes for the shaman they emanate from. His body is charred and cracked, he lacks lips and his hands are white, like his eyes, full with power; to the point that his tongue seems to be fire itself. Such power seems to overwhelm him as it tries to escape his body even from his chest beauty and shoulder and part of his back appears to be crumbling. The only proof of normality, so to speak, is the golden ceremonial mask which the blue flames give a clinique disturbing hue. If one conclusion is to be drawn is that it might be better to give this shaman a wide berth before the power defeats his will. This means that we have an evocative portrayal that is full of feeling and that draws the viewer in with multiple significant and telling details. Sadly, theres not much of a background to frame such a spectacular depiction. Regardless, its an impressive splash art that stands out among league of Legends pieces due to its moving display. Rating : Conclusion : Part undead, part shaman it could be that the spiritual might that fuels his flames has made him blue; which could be understandable if it made sense. Colour whims aside, the tribal clothing and ceremonial mask have nice golden decoration but the bluish cloth gets lost on Brands body. Speaking of which, the mix of charred and burning skin looks rather nice but the parts that would course with magical power lack a bit of a glow.

de brand skins

around. That would explain where he may be standing but, given the abstract style of the background, it couldve made more sense to have him floating in the spiritual world that hes supposed to draw his power from. Except from mentioned elements and some twisting gusts of fog around Brand there isnt a setting to speak of and, certainly, no context. Seeing as Brand is then, essentially, posing it should be a rather good portrayal. Mostly, it is but there are caveats to be had. For starters, from the waist down its all mystery as thats omitted even though the perspective couldve easily been farther away. It couldve also taken the extra room to depict spirits and all kinds of supernatural happenings around him but we are too close for any of that. What is visible, though, is good.

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They do look good and appear a bit more capricious eters than his usual ones. Nonetheless, while a flaming zombie isnt a bad idea it seems like the particles chose to stick to Classic Brands formula too closely while the other elements went an extra step to deliver the zombie theme. This is even more pronounced and noticeable after the particle update. Currently, classic and Zombie brands abilities look almost identical. Gone are the wavy flames and gaseous effects and all we have now is a re-colour of the classic visuals; the auto-attack stain is missing too. At a legendary level, this is completely unacceptable. Therefore, the skin feels and acts like a zombie but a zombie with fire powers; his pyromancer nature remains intact. To sum up, its a great skin that truly delivers the feel of a zombie but doesnt push hard enough to effectively round the theme. Spirit Fire Brand Category : Regular Price : 1350 rp concept : Brand as a blue, flame-wielding shaman. Model : New model for Brand and new spirits for his recall and dance.

His dead body being animated by an unholy energy that erupts from his hands and head. The premise is attractive but the setting a little too blurry. Still, Brands portrayal is quite good, the perspective adds to his death-defying aspect to make him look menacing and even powerful. Besides, the clothes are very well delineated to show the abuse of his undead existence. Overall, its a nice splash art but leaves the nagging thought that it couldve been spectacular with a little more refinement. Rating : Conclusion : Zombie brand really does turn Brand into an undead corpse: the skin provides a complete set of new animations as well as a new voice over and new particles to back his aspect. The decrepit look is accomplished despite the fact that a suit is rather ill suited for a battlefield; an undead mage or warrior couldve fit better. The animations are excellent and truly deliver the strain on his body due to the failure of multiple muscles and sinews. In addition to this, the new voice over complements the previous elements with a rough voice and slurred speech for suitable zombie"s. Unfortunately, the green flames and imperceptible sounds are a bit disappointing.

Multiple tubes course over the suit connecting the plates with his body and his blue-black aspect also reflect the theme which is perfectly rounded by the amazing particles. Actually, the particles are simply coloured blue to appear as cool flames but the resulting aesthetic is impeccable. Its a good demonstration that how much is changed is as important as how well it is performed. In conclusion, Cryocore Brand is an excellent skin: it gives another feel to a classic theme while providing a fantastic appearance. Zombie brand Category : Legendary, legacy Price : 1820 rp concept : Brand as a brain-eating zombie set on fire. Model : New model for Brand and green flames. Particles : New green particles for his auto-attack, abilities, taunt, joke, dance and footprint trail when walking. Animations : New animations for his auto-attack, abilities, standing idle, walk, emotes, death, re-spawn, recall and capture. Sounds : New voice over for Brand and new sounds for his auto-attack, abilities, death and re-spawn. Splash Art : In a dimly lit crypt a man in flames screams. Closer inspection of the subject reveals his tattered clothes and torn flesh.

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Particles : New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, taunt, joke and dance. Sounds : New frost sounds for Pyroclasm and Blazes explosion. Splash Art : The background shows an abandoned facility where machines are either broken or in dire need of repairs; even debris appears to be falling. Its not very clear what sort of place it is: is it a place to contain Brand or a laboratory for experiments? Regardless, it sets the frame; though barely. Brand stands on a side wearing a complex suit; full of tubes that naturkosmetik converge on his body. His hands look made of ice but not his head, still they all burn with flames with the aspect of frozen air. It isnt a bad portrayal but, sans the flames, the depiction isnt striking. Furthermore, the chest shows some problems with his pectorals. In conclusion, its a good splash art that serves its purpose well but leaves the feeling that it couldve been amazing; it sure has elements to. Rating : Conclusion : Cryocore Brand is an excellent skin that takes a good concept and accomplishes a stunning appearance. The suit is very interesting as it looks like it protects Brand as much as it contains his power. de brand skins

All in all, its quite a good depiction of Brand within a reasonable context. The background is too empty, even considering that Brand may dissuade patrons from staying, and reinigen the setting ends up feeling lifeless. The portrayal manages to rescue the splash art and as a presentation card it does perhaps too good a job for what the skin ultimately. After all, the detailed depiction displays more than what the model can provide which can be a bit deceptive. Rating : Conclusion : Vandal Brand is an unexciting skin that simply gives him some leather clothes and thats. On the one hand, the clothes are appropriate and convey the intended look. It even passes for a homage to Ghost Rider; something that can be a plus. On the other hand, he doesnt appear particularly striking: its just a clothed Brand and nothing else. In summary, a modest concept joins an unimaginative execution and the result is a rather plain skin. Cryocore Brand Category : Regular Price : 975 rp concept : Brand as an ice being wearing a complex containing suit. Model : Major model changes for Brand and blue flames.

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Splash Art : overly diffuse and without much detail the setting isnt very clear but a reasonable guess is possible: a bar. It could very well be a cottage or similar rustic place but lets say that a biker would prefer the former. Aside from a few items on the table in the foreground theres only Brand to speak of so lets get there. The portrayal that Brand receives is appreciably good: not only does progression it allow for a rather clear view but also its sensible in the given context. The quality certainly is sharper around his body. The expressive face and well lit clothes allows each texture to display their own personality. The lack of hand flames is a bit strange given that Brand is uncontrollable fire; as the table and bar flames reveal. Regardless, it makes sense when having a pint of a rather hot beverage; literally it seems. The depth of field effect on the legs and left arm seems a bit abrupt as they arent that far from the central focus of the piece; especially the arm. Still, they are detailed and the general intention is good.

de brand skins

Thats quite a good setting, showing devastation and a dense atmosphere proper of a nuclear apocalypse. Brand is reasonably depicted: the metal reflects light and the trousers look like leather, though the boots not much. Besides, the flames are subdued but passable yet the flamethrowers still look strange. On the whole, is a very interesting piece but it feels too mute and barren. Rating : Conclusion : Apocalyptic Brand has a promising concept but a questionable execution. The clothes are uninspired but technically correct so as to resemble an inhabitant of a wasteland. In addition to this, his forearms are armed with flamethrowers which try to detach the fire from his self. However, his head still burns so while the flames on his hands can be explained he doesnt come across as a mutated human in kopen the end. Therefore, the skin aims to make turn him into a mutated survivor wielding flamethrowers but instead he resembles a fire elemental with clothes and unnecessary flamethrowers. To sum up, the concept is interesting but the execution doesnt fully realize. Vandal Brand, category : Legacy, price : 520. Concept : Brand dressed as a biker gang member.

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Oct 112012, brand, the burning Vengeance, brand, the burning Vengeance kaufen is, for all intents and purposes, the fire elemental of the league of Legends. His skins dont reflect this well and instead of playing with different facets of his theme simply give him a few clothes. Fortunately, there are exceptions to this rule and interesting ideas are implemented. Sear all doubts about his fireproof wardrobe by reading his skins review. Category : Regular, price : 750 rp, concept : Brand dressed as a post-apocalyptic wasteland survivor. Model : Major model changes for Brand. Particles : no new particles. Animations : no new animations. Sounds : no new sounds. Splash Art : In the distance structures burn surrounded by the emptiness of destruction. A figure appears before them wearing a gas mask and a metal vest. That isnt all that catches the eye, theres something more strangely: his skin is ablaze, but he isnt burning.

De brand skins
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