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The, apivita, propoline lip Aids are another top pick for dry, damaged lips. from my beauty diary, hisamitsu, yu-be, sofina, sana, apivita, sk-ii, shiseido, kose, kanebo, fancl and Komenuka bijin. brands Official Stockists - adore beauty brand. Html) why shop dermstore. We offer a thoughtful. Labels: Apivita, argan Dew, Aromatherapy Associates, bamford, Bloom Remedies, bodhi, dr Bronner's, jane Iredale, jo malone, lucy. apicare, apivita, apple bears Apple Chutney m Aquis Arbonne Archeia ardeonaig Hotel Argan beauty collection Argan Dew. Bareminerals australia stockists, bareminerals foundation fairly light, bareminerals matte foundation, cosmetics i d bareminerals. and footwear, stockists of fashion labels g-star, diesel,883 Police, firetrap, Adidas, calvin Klein, ea7, Armani, ugg, lacoste, fred. jeunesse uk stockists /a using a uk medical database, they analysed the medical records.7 million people aged 40 and older. Skincare special: Stockists daily mail Online /Skincare-special-Stockists.

These aren't 100 opaque, and instead look more like a translucent gel on the lips, but I think that it is beautiful. My preference for lip products is still for long wearing matte products (especially for a long day at work but i know that I will be reaching for these if I want my lips to look amazingly lush and kissable for a couple of hours. These would be perfect if you were going on a date and wanted to have lips that say "you know you want to kiss me, but you can't".

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06 feeling Reddy : The formula of this was very similar to red my lips, but it might be slightly more opaque. This has more of an orange tone mellékhatásai to it, but it is still obviously a red shade. This also wore around 3 hours before i needed to reapply. 07 Fuchsia perche : Last but definitely not least is the dark bright fuchsia shade. This shade is my favourite! This looks like a dark red pink on the lips, but I can assure you that it looks better in real life! This also lasts the longest on the lips. The high shine might wear off after an hour or so, but the colour lasts me until i eat lunch (so maybe 5 hours). Of course this does fade to more of a balmy stain, but the colour lasts a lot better than the other shades. Overall, i really love the look of these on the lips. They apply evenly, have great colour pay off (compare these swatches to the red Rimmel Oh my gloss that I reviewed yesterday which I thought had quite poor colour pay off they have a gorgeous finish, and the colour lasted reasonably well for a high.

t-b 01 Appechissant, 05 Red my lips, 06 feeling Reddy, 07 Fuchsia perche 01 Appechissant : This is a lovely shade. It is a soft peachy nude that gives you lips a super shiny perfect appearance. . If you wanted to have flawless nude lips, this is the shade to reach for. . my only problem with this shade was that it didn't last for very long. The high shine finish with all of these shades wears off after around an hour or so and then the colour is left as more of a glossy stain, but because this light shade doesn't leave much colour behind and tends to wear off completely within. Nevertheless, this is a beautiful glossy nude for a "your lips, but amazing" look. Totally worth dealing with the reapplying. 05 Red my lips : This is the "true red" of the bunch. Compared to feeling Reddy this is slightly more pink toned, almost like a raspberry red, but to be honest, they both look quite similar. This applies evenly, smoothly, and lasts a good life's 3 hours before it wears off to more of a stain.

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l-r 01 Appechissant, 05 Red my lips, 06 feeling Reddy, 07 Fuchsia perche. You can perfection see from the swatches above that the formula is beautiful. The pigmentation is great, it applies evenly, and it does give a really pretty shine. What I love about these is that the shine isn't reliant on any shimmer in the product (which I don't like these look like liquid lipsticks with a very wet gel finish. These can be applied quite thin or built up for more colour payoff, i prefer to apply two thin coats to get a bold look on the lips (which is what I did in the lip swatches below). These look like they would be tacky and thick, but in fact they feel very wet and light on the lips and are not at all sticky. I did find that the high shine wore off at around the hour mark, but the colours wore well for 2-5 hours depending on the shade. I also found that these were very easy to reapply, they didn't build up the product unevenly, they didn't feel chunky and they didn't irritate my lips (some lip products tend to do that if I reapply throughout the day). My one complaint about the rouge Edition Velvets were the scent, and luckily it has been improved for the Aquas. These do still have an artificial almost plastic scent, but they also smell a little fruity (maybe like cherry) rather than the velvets which I thought had a metallic blood scent.

I would have loved to see some corals/oranges/berries/browns just to break up the shade range. I ended up picking up the nude 01 Appechissant because i am not a huge fan of pink arabia nudes, and this seemed to be the only peachy toned nude in the range. I also picked up both reds that they had to offer - 05 Red my lips and 06 feeling Reddy. I knew that both of these shades looked similar, but because the bright shades in the rouge Edition Velvets were my most reached for shades and because i often wear red lips, i thought I should give them both. Lastly i picked up 07 Fuchsia perche because the dark bright pink in the rouge Edition Velvet is one of my favourite shades. Let's touch on packaging quickly. These are clear plastic squared off tubes that show the colour of the product and also have a corresponding shiny lid. These also have a doe foot applicator for easy application. I thought I would compare the Aqua packaging to the velvet packaging briefly. You can see that the Aquas have a shiny lid and silver writing on the packaging, compared to the velvets that have a plain plastic lid and black writing. . The Aquas definitely give a shinier vibe, but other than that the packaging is the same.

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If you night have followed my blog for any length of time, you would know that I was (and still am) obsessed with the bourjois rouge Edition Velvets, which are matte lip creams that are really comfortable and give a velvet finish to the lips (I. Well, when I saw that bourjois released a glossy version, i had to try them! These are the, bourjois rouge Edition Aquas and they aren't yet released in Australia, but I bought them on sale at asos. Once these hit Australian stores they are likely to be 24 each but you can get them. Asos for.50 each. These contain.7ml of product. Update: you can now buy the range. There are 8 shades available, but only 7 leathers shades are available on the asos website (which is annoying because the one that isn't available - 03 Brun Croyable - was one of the shades I wanted). One criticism I have about these on first impression is that a lot of the shades look very similar. They seem to have 8 shades of pinky nudes and reds. And that's about. . I found myself searching for swatches online for what seemed like hours to narrow down the shades I wanted.

Apivita uk stockists
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The company manufactures cosmetics from bee products and plants indigenous to Greek nature. The plants and bees are grown locally from organic and sustainably managed sources with respect to biodiversity, enhancing local agriculture. Apivita has a range of over 300 natural beauty care products for the hair, the face and the body, all with clinically proven efficacy. The company and its products are present in pharmacies as well as in stores, department stores, malls, beauty shops, and the internet via e-commerce.

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To this day we continue to promote beauty in a unique way. Back in 1972, the founders, two young pharmacists, nikos and niki koutsiana, were inspired by the bee society, greek nature and Hippocrates holistic approach to health, beauty and wellbeing. They created their first personal care products in their pharmacy with propolis, honey, royal jelly, plant extracts and essential oils. Today, after all these years, still inspired by the same things, still baring the same passion, they have created a company with strong philosophy, values, social responsibility, tradition and innovation, a sustainable business that promotes an ethical and greener way of thinking, living and business.

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You will find Tracklements for sale in specialist retailers all around the. We make a large range of wonderful condiments so, if you're looking for a specific product, it's always best to phone ahead to check they have it in stock. Alternatively, you can buy online via our shop or on, ocado. It all started in a pharmacy 37 years ago.

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